#BTD2023 SPEAKER-UPDATE: Wojciech Kaszuba

Stage 5b: BIM-AREA / BIM-KINO Themenblock “SCAN2BIM”
Mittwoch 11.10.23, 15:30 UHR

Lecture Title: Laser -Scanning/Lidar/BIM-Model

Every company and each of you have the same problem:lack of time. Nowadays people do everything quicker, everything must be better and faster. We cooperate with architects, designers, engineers and we hear all the time I have no time for this. Firstly we tried to propose point cloud. Only few clients were prepared for this. They have appropriate software, powerful computers, but the rest not. We go further and listen to our clients and we realized that they need final documentation. They weren’t interested in how we would gather this data, they wanted to buy an inventory such as 2d documentation or BIM model. And here we are FLOTA 3D and FLOTA Geodezja has everything you want. Service and technology. UAV platforms with lidar, which could give you orthofotomaps and point cloud of terrain. We are specialized in road and rail measurements and make model to software like AUTOCAD CIVIL, Bentlay INROADS. We have 3D laser scanner and make point clouds of engineering objects and buildings. And at last our new toy Navis VLS – 3D mobile scanner which gathers data many times faster than a classical scanner. We have BIM manager, make ArchiCAD Revit ALL plan-documentation and virtual walk. There are many companies which provide the same services. We got land surveyors and know what errors make scanners and fail in processing point cloud. We know how to control our products to give you the best quality. A good 2d documentation, plans of the objects, inventory, BIM model is 70% of making a good project.

Speaker Bio

Wojciech Kaszuba: Sales Director, business developer, master of engineering in Geodesy and cartography, with huge experience in increasing sales rate and creation of sales strategy. Worked as sales representative and sales manager for distributors of Geomax and Hi-target. Since 2017 member of the board of FLOTA Geodezja Sp. z o. o. and since 2020 FLOTA 3D Sp. z o. o.
Since 2021 has introducted own business model and has expanded services in Poland, Germany, Norway, Croatia.
Privately Spinning Instructor and exercise callisthenics.


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