Gian-Philipp Patri

Gian-Philipp Patri started his journey with Leica Geosystems in 2015 as a product manager for total stations and continued by joining the agile BLK initiative in 2018 with the goal of democratizing complex, next generation, surveying solutions for the uncharted market segment of non-surveying professionals. The Leica BLK360 G1 imaging laser scanner disrupted the field of laser scanning successfully and triggered the development of further simple-to-use black products like the autonomous Leica BLK2GO, Leica BLK2FLY and Leica BLK ARC. Working on such innovative projects & products with highest visibility accelerated his knowledge about reality capture solutions rapidly and in 2020 allowed him to take on the product management lead of the development of the next generation Leica BLK360. Following the tradition of BLK by defying the status-quo, this year the BLK2GO PULSE introduces PULSE technology – a fusion of Hexagon’s GrandSLAM technology and dual Time-of-Flight (ToF) LiDAR sensors from Sony – enabling first-person laser scanning in its so far most intuitive way. Having the product management lead of the world’s first laser scanner making use of dual ToF LiDAR, Gian-Philipp’s current focus is dedicated to successfully launching the intuitive handheld-scanner to the global market of 3D professionals to further support the democratization of Smart Digital Realities based on smart & simple reality capture solutions.


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