Stage 5: Halle 1.2 – “Scan2BIM”: Best BIM-Practice bei Scan2BIM / LIDAR Technologien
DIENSTAG 10.10.2023, 15:30 Uhr

Lecture Title: Mesh based cloud collaboration for improved SCAN2BIM and QA/QC Workflows.

Laser scanning not only helps to capture a highly accurate snapshot of a building’s as-built condition, it also allows comparisons to be made during construction between the as-built and the design intent (from a BIM or CAD model), helping to minimise costly errors.

When using laser scanning as part of a BIM process, the sharing of information is a logistical issue.
Laser scan data has historically been confined to a specific data silo with limited accessibility.
With insufficient collaboration repeatedly cited as a barrier to productivity in construction, finding a solution that facilitates concurrent access to laser scanning data would empower stakeholders to work far more collaboratively and facilitate a more inclusive BIM process.

For VDC and BIM managers, who engage with the technology daily, the ability to accurately plan projects to scale, time and budget is just one of many benefits.
Having the ability to compare the scanned as-built to BIM generated models doesn’t only prove its worth in the initial planning stages of a build, but also in quality assurance throughout a project’s lifespan.

Based on a unique mesh streaming technology, without compromising the original scan quality, Cintoo Cloud makes your laser scan data available anywhere, allowing real-time collaboration with unlimited number of project stakeholder.

Learn how Cintoo Cloud will become a daily part of your project workflows and revolutionises the way your business works with Scan Capture Data.

Speaker bio

Since 2022, Joao-Carlos PEREIRA FIALHO is a Customer Success Manager EMEA/APAC at Cintoo, supporting the customers on their use cases and workflows. Previously, 4 years in HVAC company (Axima): The 2 first years as Deputy Head of BIM Management section, managing a team of 9 BIM Managers. Then the last 2 years as Head of Scanning department with 3 surveyors doing scans in Building and Industry.

Before that, 22 years of experience, in the field of Engineering for Oil & Gas and Petro-Chemicals, started as draftsman, and became 3D Super User for Civil Department (Civil, Structural Steel and Concrete, Underground and Buildings) and Business Application Owner for TEKLA structures software at group level.

In charge of configuration, writing modelling procedures or development specifications, but also in charge of interfaces between softwares in the Civil Departement of the Onshore/Offshore Engineering division.


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