#BTD2023 SPEAKER-UPDATE: Giorgia Rossi

BIM-Kino: “Scan2BIM”
MITTWOCH 11.10.2023, 14:00 Uhr Uhr

Lecture Title: No more limits to 3D mapping with the highly versatile HERON slam systems

HERON is the leading SLAM-based mobile mapping system specifically designed for professionals who want to obtain high-quality 3D models of surveyed sites, from the most challenging outdoor environments to complex construction sites, or areas with difficult light conditions. HERON captures reality in 3D with:
• single or double multi-layer Lidar sensor,
• 4-lens pano camera engineered by Gexcel to be super compact and lightweight, producing a high-resolution equirectangular image for incredible data quality (8K in single shots, 4K in streaming),
• patented SLAM algorithms that have fundamentally changed the way mapping is done.
HERON can really go anywhere and a complete set of accessories (telescopic poles, car mounting, and tilt adapters) quickly move HERON to deep cavities, cramped underground structures, aloft points…
The compact design allows it to fit in a sturdy backpack so that a single operator can easily carry and install it. The included HERON software suite allows you to manage the entire processing workflow in complete autonomy: all software packages are on-premise and you can switch from raw data management to 3D model analysis and 2D/3D results. HERON captures reality and transforms it into realistic 3D models that can be fully used in third-party solutions, depending on the user’s needs (e.g. EdgeWise for BIM, Cintoo Cloud for digital twins and data sharing, ReCap for CAD, Micromine for mining analysis, etc.).

Short Bio

From 2008 to the present, Giorgia Rossi is working for Gexcel as a manager of worldwide sales, developing and building the clients and reseller database, gaining a wide experience in international markets. «Meeting people, joining worldwide conferences, organizing sales&technical training, taking care and interacting with current and potential customers are some of my working enjoy!»


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