#BTD2023 SPEAKER-UPDATE: Gerald Forkert

BIM-Kino: “Scan2BIM”
MITTWOCH 11.10.2023, 15:00 Uhr Uhr

Lecture Title: 3D building modelling from pointclouds and aerial images

We developed CityGRID Shaper to speed up and simplify building modeling from point clouds derived from airborne laser scanning or image matching. In CityGRID Shaper you can contribute your own expertise in an intuitive way and create correct building models right from the start. We believe that this is more convenient and efficient than checking and correcting building models after a fully automated process. With CityGRID Shaper you model an entire city building by building. The SmartPreview function, aerial photos, if available, and elegant editing functions support you. You will receive the finished city model in CityGML format.

Speaker bio

Gerald Forkert studied geodesy with a focus on photogrammetry at the Vienna University of Technology. After working as a university assistant and then in surveying offices, he took over the management of UVM Systems GmbH from 2011.



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